Assistant Manager Planning

Posted 2 months ago by Jay Jay Mills Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Classification: Transport & Logistics


  • Collaborating with senior management to develop production plans and schedules to meet customer demand and company goals.
  • Creating and maintaining production plans that optimize resource utilization, including labor, materials, and equipment.
  • Monitoring and managing inventory levels to ensure that raw materials, work-in- progress, and finished goods align with production plans and customer orders.
  • Implementing inventory control strategies to minimize excess stock or stock outs.
  • Implementing and monitoring quality control processes to ensure that products meet specified standards and requirements.
  • Managing production costs by optimizing resource utilization and minimizing waste.
  • Supervising and leading a team of planners, schedulers, and other personnel involved in the production planning process.
  • Analyzing production and inventory data to make informed decisions and adjustments.
  • Preparing and presenting reports on key performance indicators (KPIs) to senior management.
  • Evaluating and optimizing the capacity of production facilities, considering factors like machinery, labor, and workspace.
  • Identifying opportunities to streamline production processes, reduce lead times, and increase efficiency.
  • Preparing and managing budgets for the planning department and ensuring adherence to financial goals.


  • A bachelor's degree in a relevant field such as business, supply chain management, operations management, or industrial engineering is often required.
  • 2-3 years of progressive experience in same capacity.
  • Excellent knowledge in Fast React.
  • Strong planning and analytical abilities to develop and manage production plans, analyze data, and make informed decisions.
  • Strong problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to address issues and challenges as they arise.

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