Privacy Policy

SpotJobs is dedicated to protecting our user's privacy and providing a secure user experience. Our privacy statement describes to you how SpotJobs gathers and uses your data while you visit the website.

SpotJobs collects personal information and data from visitors to the Site in order to deliver services to our users and further customise our services to you.

You consent to the collection, use, and transfer of your data as outlined in this Privacy Policy by visiting this website.

  • Any reference to “SpotJobs”, “we”, “us” or “or” includes and all of’s relevant bodies

  • "Employers or Advertisers" are people or organisations who post job advertisements on our Site or use other products to source potential Candidates for job vacancies.

  • The terms "Candidates" and "Registered Users" apply to Site users and Candidates who register on the Site, respectively.

  • The term "user" applies to candidates, registered users or employers

Information we collect

When you use our website, SpotJobs collects information about you. When you enter your details on the Site or send to us, or submit to us any other way, we collect this received information and store them.

Information we collect from you includes,

  • Personal information like Name, Email and Phone number

  • Name, email address and phone number of a primary contact of the employer/advertiser.

  • Your CV, including your job experience and qualifications

  • Details you use to create a profile, apply for a job on SpotJobs

  • When using payment facilities, credit card details and billing information

  • Information you choose to provide us with like, race, gender and ethnicity

  • Information about your company, such as name, contact number, email, size of the company and business type

  • Information and details on job advertisements

  • Social Sign-on, if you choose to register to SpotJobs using your social account like Facebook, we import the required information from your account, and we make it part of your profile.

  • We collect information about the third party from you when choosing to share SpotJobs content with a friend. In this instance, we gather your friend's name and email address for the purpose of sending them one time email.

Information we collection from advertisers

SpotJobs collect employers/Advertisers' company name, address, billing address and company registration number. SpotJobs also gathers the name, email address, and phone number of a primary contact (also identified as the "administrator" on the Site). Employers/Advertisers may add further users to their account, in which case SpotJobs would gather the names and email addresses of those additional users.

If Employers/Advertisers wish to change the company name or billing address or other information, Employers/Advertisers should contact SpotJobs utilises this information to maintain and administer the account, including forwarding Candidate applications to Employers/Advertisers, contacting Employers/Advertisers if there are issues with their job adverts and arranging payment and invoicing.

Other information collects from SpotJobs users

SpotJobs gathers non-personal information on users' interactions to the Site, such as which parts of the Site are more often accessed, how often they are visited, and for how long they are visited. This is conducted in order to provide you with the most efficient and comprehensive job search and recruiting services possible.

SpotJobs web servers collect the IP address to facilitate the detection of issues or maintenance concerns with our services and observe how our Site is used, like mapping our users' locations.

This information regarding you is gathered automatically and stored for SpotJobs's genuine and legitimate interests. We integrate this data with personal information to diagnose and deter fraud. We also integrate this information with your profile and CV to provide you with the most relevant job search results.

How we use information

We use the data we gather to deliver our services, adapt to your requests, execute and develop our Site, and create a meaningful user experience.

We use details with your permission, as explained at the time we ask for it, which involves the registration of an account and the uploading of a resume.

We gather and use personal data for genuine and legitimate purposes and interests; this includes

  • To notify, contact and interact with you

  • To operate SpotJobs's services

  • Send Employers/Advertisers applications of Candidates, contact Employers/Advertisers if there is an issue with their job ad and organise payment and invoicing of the account.

  • Analysing, enhancing, and improving SpotJobs services

  • To secure SpotJobs Services as well as users and others

  • To secure Monster Services as well as users and others

  • To apply SpotJobs's terms of service and discourage fraud and misuse of SpotJobs systems

You have given us permission to use your details in the following forms by registering with, maintaining your profile, publicly sharing information, or opting in when given choices:

To provide you with our services, which involve but are not limited to

  • To make it easy for you to search for employment and discuss them with others; to make it possible for you to apply for jobs;

  • To allow you to contact us and for us to contact you

  • To display messages from employers

  • To speak with you about service-related issues and security updates

  • To provide service to employers to complete their recruitment process

For marketing

  • To provide customised, tailored, or location-based information, services, and advertising from SpotJobs

  • To make you aware of SpotJobs other products or services;

  • To send you career updates, emails, career tips, alerts and other marketing messages that you have requested;

  • To carry out surveys, campaigns, and contests, and to publish the results;

To improve our services

  • to provide search engine access to information

  • to perform analytics and produce internal reports about how our sites are being used;

  • to track which jobs you search for, view, and apply to;

For security and fraud prevention

  • to detect, investigate, and eliminate behaviours that might be unlawful or in breach of our policies and terms and conditions;

How we share information Platform facilities you to publish your job advertisement, upload your details, including your CV and company details, in order to either enhance your employment opportunities and recruitment prospects.

The information we gather may be shared in the following ways and with the following categories of parties.

  • and all of’s relevant bodies

  • Employers/Advertiser, when you make your resume searchable or apply to a job;

  • Site visitors, when you post a job advert, the information and details on the adverts that you have made publicly available

  • Other firms contracted by to offer services;

  • Other third parties where required by law

You agree to the disclosure of your details to an employer and to be contacted by that employer for employment-related reasons if you apply for a job, including your contact information to express interest in a job or by replying to a message from an employer.

When you make an online application

Making an online application to a job advertisement on SpotJobs is a voluntary service that requires candidates to fill out mandatory fields (such as first name, last name, phone number, and email) so that the employer/advertiser could recognise and contact the applicant. Registered users are able to attach a previously saved resume quickly. Applications, including resumes and cover letters, are forwarded to the employer/advertiser and its assigned representative. These details are stored in SpotJob candidate management tool on behalf of the employer/advertiser. Candidate management tool facilitates employer/advertiser to manage the recruitment process more efficiently, easily and quickly, which is a service provided by SpotJobs.

Access to your personal information does not gather personally identifiable details from you until you become a registered user and/or make an online job application or become an Advertiser.

We store your details to make your interactions more efficient, functional, and relevant. By logging into your account, you can access, review, correct, modify or remove your resume or profile at any time by logging into your account.

Changes to privacy policy

We review our privacy policies regularly and publish any amendments on this page.

Your security on

SpotJobs takes all necessary measures to guarantee the security of our system and to secure your details against unauthorised access, alteration, or dissemination, and also misuse, intervention, and loss. SpotJobs enable you to view the data at any point to ensure that it is correct and updated. Every information we have of you is maintained on secure servers that are housed in secured facilities.

How to contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions about our privacy policy by email